PVC Insulated and Shielded Thermocouple and Extension Wire

Series 510
Zesta Thermocouple Wire Series 510
Zesta Thermocouple Wire Series 510
The SERIES 510 is a PVC insulated, twisted and shielded construction for systems sensitive to induced voltages and “noise.”

The conductors are insulated with color coded PVC and then twisted with a copper drain wire. An aluminized polyester tape is wrapped around the two conductors and drain wires to impart 100 percent shielding. Then, another layer of PVC is applied.

The twisting eliminates most EMI while the shield tape minimizes AC “noise” in the sensing circuit.

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Product Features

Performance Capabilities
  • Continuous temperature rating: 220°F (105°C)
  • Flexible PVC plastic insulation
  • Twisted and shielded construction to reduce electrical noise interference
  • Available with an optional metallic overbraid for additional abrasion resistance


Flexible PVC plastic
Continuous use temperature:
220°F (105°C)
Single use temperature:
220°F (105°C)
Resistance properties:
  • Moisture: Excellent
  • Chemical: Good
  • Abrasion: Good


  • General use extension wire