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About Zesta

For over 50 years, Zesta has provided thermal solutions for the most demanding industrial heating applications.  Founded by G. Vince Eastman in 1968, Zesta established itself as a thermal systems provider by partnering with Watlow, now the world’s largest manufacturer of heaters, temperature sensors, and controllers.  Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Zesta has a presence across Canada with warehouses in Québec, Alberta, and British Columbia. 


To the present day, Zesta continues to be Watlow’s authorized distributor, serving the industry with leading-edge thermal innovations.  Watlow  manufactures industrial heaters, temperature sensors, controllers – all of the components of a thermal system.


In addition to being Watlow’s distributor, Zesta began a new page in its history as a manufacturer of its own line of quality thermal products.  In order to meet the demand of local markets, Zesta set up manufacturing operations of band and strip heaters, temperature sensors, and custom control systems, all located at company headquarters in Mississauga Ontario.


Zesta manufactures mica band, ceramic band, and mica strip heaters. Made from the highest grade materials, and tailor-engineered to your specific application, Zesta heaters are built to last.  Heaters are CSA approved, and are suitable for demanding industrial applications.  Our experienced technical sales staff are equipped to assist you in designing the right heater for your application.


Zesta manufactures thermocouples, RTDs, and thermistors.  From high-volume OEM runs, to single one-off assemblies, no job is too large or too small.  Zesta’s experienced sensor designers and craftsmen ensure the very best sensor performance for your application.


Zesta manufactures custom control systems to your exact application requirements.  Only the best and most reliable components go into Zesta’s CSA approved turn-key systems.  Incorporating Watlow’s industry-leading control technologies into our locally-built Zesta assemblies, you can be assured your control system will meet your exact requirements.