Watlow F4T with INTUITION® Controller

Watlow F4T with INTUITION® Controller
See also F4T Benchtop Datalogger

The F4T with INTUITION® temperature process controller from Watlow® offers a wide range of field removable I/O modules for maximum design flexibility. Configurations can be custom tailored to meet the scaling needs of a tremendous range of equipment and applications while providing exactly the hardware types required for compatibility. The F4T controller also features a 4.3 inch, color, graphical touch panel. Combining power, flexibility and functionality, this new controller offers unmatched versatility, and its best-in-class ease of use could very well make user manuals a thing of the past.

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Product Features

4.3-inch, color touch panel with high-resolution, graphical user-interface
  • Shortens learning curve and reduces operator errors
  • Allows channels, profiles, alarms, inputs and outputs to be personalized with user defined names
Temperature PID, data logger, trend chart, over/under-temperature limit, power switching,
math, logic, timers and counters combined into an integrated system
  • Lowers ownership costs
  • Eliminates the need for separate discrete components
  • Reduces complexity
  • Simplifies design, ordering and installation
  • Saves money
Robust algorithms for temperature, cascade, altitude, humidity and compressor
  • Improves process control
  • Offers one to four channels of control
  • Provides multiple PID sets
  • Enables TRU-TUNE®+ adaptive control algorithm
  • Offers 40 ramp and soak profiles with real-time clock and battery backup
COMPOSER® graphical configuration PC software
  • Speeds up and simplifies commissioning
  • Archives and documents controller setup
  • Connects with controller easily via Ethernet
Many communications options available including Ethernet Modbus® TCP and SCPI and EIA-232/485 Modbus® RTU
  • Offers two USB host ports and one device port
  • Simplifies file transfers
  • Connects easily
Modular design
  • Adapts quickly to evolving requirements
  • Offers numerous types of field pluggable modules for maximum flexibility and easiest compatibility
  • Features scalable and modular firmware functions
  • Delivers scalable input/output quantities from 1 to 36
Agency certifications include UL®, FM, CE, RoHS, W.E.E.E., NEMA 4X/IP65
  • Ensures high quality and reliability
  • Verifies performance in installations worldwide
SERIES F4S/F4D/F4P backward compatible
  • Provides easy retrofit with minimum pain and disruption
  • Ensures proper fit in existing SERIES F4 panel cutout
Off-the-shelf solution
  • Provides cost-effective “make versus buy”
  • Offers preconfigured touch-panel screens
  • Assures quicker time to market
Key Features and Options
  • 1 to 4 control loops with TRU-TUNE+ adaptive control algorithm for superior controllability
  • 40 profiles for ramp and soak
  • Ethernet Modbus® TCP connectivity
  • Multiple high-speed USB host ports
  • Over/under-temperature limits for safety shutdown
  • Universal, thermistor and ac current measurement inputs
  • Inputs and outputs expandable from 1 to 36
  • SENSOR GUARD prevents unplanned process shutdowns and product loss by switching to a backup sensor if the primary sensor fails
  • High current outputs for up to 10A heaters or other loads
  • Programmable timers, counters, math and logic
  • Temperature, cascade, altitude, relative humidity, compressor algorithms and Vaisala® humidity compensation
  • Sequencer start-up and control
  • Retransmit and remote set point
  •  USB configuration port
  • Configuration settings can be stored and recalled
  • Removable modules and connectors
  • Front-panel mount and flush mounting options
  • Right angle and front-screw terminal options
  • UL® listed, CSA, CE, RoHS, W.E.E.E., FM

Product Specifications

Common Specifications :
Line Voltage/Power: Data retention upon power failure via nonvolatile memory
Functional Operating Range:
  • Type J: -346 to 2192°F (-210 to 1200°C)
  • Type K: -454 to 2500°F (-270 to 1371°C)
  • Type T: -454 to 750°F (-270 to 400°C)
  • Type E: -454 to 1832°F (-270 to 1000°C)
  • Type N: -454 to 2372°F (-270 to 1300°C)
  • Type C: 32 to 4200°F (0 to 2315°C)
  • Type D: 32 to 4200°F (0 to 2315°C)
  • Type F: 32 to 2449°F (0 to 1343°C)
  • Type R: -58 to 3214°F (-50 to 1767°C)
  • Type S: -58 to 3214°F (-50 to 1767°C)
  • Type B: 32 to 3300°F (0 to 1816°C)
  • RTD (DIN): -328 to 1472°F (-200 to 800°C)
  • Process: -1999 to 9999 units
Calibration Accuracy:
  • Calibration accuracy and sensor conformity: ±0.1% of span, ±1°C at the calibrated ambient temperature and rated line voltage
  • Types R, S, B: ±0.2%
  • Type T below -50°C: ±0.2%
  • Calibration ambient temperature at 77°F ±5°F (25°C ±3°C)
  • Accuracy span: 1000°F (540°C) min.
  • Temperature stability: Typical ±0.1°F/°F (±0.1°C/°C) rise in ambient max.
Configuration Diagnostics:
Indicates if modules present match the expected configuration settings
USB Device Port (Coming soon, consult factory for availability.):
  • Version: USB 2.0 full-speed
  • Connector: USB Mini Type B, 5 position
  • Recognized as a mass storage device/serial communications
  • Driver for Microsoft® Windows® 7 and Windows® 8
  • Total of 2 available
  • Version: USB 2.0 hi-speed
  • Connector: USB Type A, high-retention
  • Flash drive must be FAT32 file system
  • Max. current 0.5A/port
System Configuration Requirements:
  • F4T has 6 slots for flex modules (FM)
  • EIA-232/485 Modbus® RTU flex module, if used, must occupy slot 6 location
  • A maximum of two 10A SSR FM modules can be used in the F4T and each will require space for 2 slots. Valid in slots 1, 2, 4 or 5
Wiring Termination—Touch-Safe Terminals:
  • Right-angle and front-screw terminal blocks for input, output and power supply connections
  • Input, output and power terminals: touch safe, removable, 12 to 30 AWG
F4T Base Specifications:
  • Line Voltage/Power:
  • High voltage option: 100 to 240VAC +10/-15%, 50/60Hz ±5%
  • Low voltage option: 24 to 28VAC/VDC+10/-15%, 50/60Hz ±5%
  • Power consumption: 23 W, 54VA
  • NEMA 4X/IP65 front panel mount configuration only
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 122°F (-18 to 50°C)
  • Storage temperature: -40 to 185°F (-40 to 85°C)
  • Relative humidity: 0 to 90%, non-condensing
Agency Approvals:
  • UL®/EN 61010 Listed, File E185611 QUYX
  • UL® 508 Reviewed
  • CSA CC.C#14, File 158031
  • FM Class 3545 (configurations with limit modules)
  • AMS 2750 E compliant: Analog input process values. Tip: Maximize field calibration accuracy and uniformity by using advanced F4T features such as Calibration Offset and Linearization Function Blocks. Refer to user manual for details.
  • RoHS by design, China RoHS Level 2, W.E.E.E.
  • CE
  • Windows® Hardware Certification
User Interface:
  • 4.3 inch TFT PCAP color graphic touch screen
  • LED backlife >50K hours
  • 4 keys: Home, Main Menu, Back, Help
Control Loops:
  • 1 to 4 PID or ON-OFF control loops
  • 0 to 6 Limit loops
  • User-selectable action: heat, cool or heat/cool
  • Auto-tune with TRU-TUNE+ adaptive control
Control Loops and Over-temperature Limits:
  • Input sampling: 10Hz
  • Output update: 10Hz
  • Ethernet Modbus® TCP
  • Isolated communications
Profile Ramp and Soak Option:
  • Profile engine affects 1 to 4 loops in sync
  • 40 profiles with 50 steps per profile
Data Logging:
  • User selectable parameters: Up to a maximum of 128 active parameters depending on configuration
  • Logging interval: Programmable increments between 0.1 seconds and 60 minutes if logging to internal memory. Logging directly to USB; 1.0 seconds to 60 minutes
  • File types: .CSV for standard data logging or proprietary format for encrypted data log option
  • Storage: 80MB internal memory or to USB memory stick
  • File transfer: Internal memory to USB host port or to Ethernet Modbus® TCP
  • Transfer options: On demand by user or user programmable based on when a new data log file record is available. Utilizes TFTP and Samba protocols
  • Record: Date and time stamped
  • 4 user programmable charts
  • 6 pens available per chart
  • View analog sensors, process values, set points and power
Real Time Clock with Battery Backup:
  • Accuracy (typical): +/-3ppm over -15 to 50°C
  • Typical battery life: 10 years at 77°F (25°C)
  • Field replaceable lithium battery
Number of Function Blocks by Ordering Option:
  • Compare: Greater than, less than, equal, not equal, greater than or equal, less than or equal
  • Counters: Counts up or down, loads predetermined value on load signal
  • Linearization: Interpolated or stepped
  • Logic: And, nand, or, nor, equal, not equal, latch, flip-flop
  • Math: Average, process scale, switch over, deviation scale, differential (subtract), ratio (divide), add, multiply, absolute difference, minimum, maximum, square root, sample and hold, pressure-to-altitude and dew point
  • Process Value: Sensor backup, average, crossover, wet bulb-dry bulb, switch over, differential (subtract), ratio (divide), add, multiply, absolute difference, minimum, maximum, square root, altitude, Vaisala® relative humidity and pressure to-altitude
  • Special Output Function: Compressor control (cool and/or dehumidify with single compressor), motorized valve, sequencer
  • Timers: On pulse, delay, one shot or retentive
  • Variable: User value for digital or analog variable