Stretch-to-Length Heaters

Zesta Watlow Stretch-to-Length Heaters
Zesta Watlow Stretch-to-Length Heaters
Zesta Watlow Stretch-to-Length Heaters
Zesta Watlow Stretch-to-Length Heaters
The STRETCH-TO-LENGTH® heater is the perfect solution for semiconductor gas line applications requiring precise temperatures to prevent condensation or over-temperature breakdown of critical process chemistries. As a superior alternative to heat tape, Its preformed construction allows it to be wrapped around the delivery line enabling consistent heater/gas line contact and improved temperature uniformity.

The STRETCH-TO-LENGTH gas line heater is the perfect solution for semiconductor processes where condensation of critical gases occurs due to a phase shift at low temperatures. High or low temperature conditions could result in undesirable particulates and result in costly device
defects and tool maintenance.

The STRETCH-TO-LENGTH heater’s preformed wrapping capability provides engineers with the flexibility needed to compensate for different sized components, thereby reducing the potential for hot and cold spots. The system includes a 2 W/in2 STRETCH-TO-LENGTH heater and silicone rubber foam insulation.

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Product Features

Two-part system design
  • Easy to install
  • Conveniently fits most gas line configurations
Flexible heater design
  • Gives engineers flexibility to easily customize the thermal profile for each gas line application
  • Allows quick prototyping to determine energy distribution requirements for process improvements
Flexible standard system components
  • Eliminates unnecessary lead times for custom designs

Product Specifications

  • Available with the EGH integrated thermal solution

Heater and insulation jacket material:
Reinforced silicone rubber fabric
Insulation material:
Silicone sponge
Insulation and outer jacket color:
120 and 240VAC
Max. operating temperature:
392°F (200°C)
Heater watt density:
2 W/in2 (0.31W/cm2) – Watlow recommends 80% line wrap for optimum performance
Power lead wires:
12 in. (305 mm); #18 AWG UL® 1180 CSA, rated 10A, lead wire pair encapsulated in reinforced silicone rubber sleeving
Max. Amperage:
Heater interconnectable up to a 10A circuit
Agency Approvals:
  • Material rated UL® 94-HB
  • Heater materials are UL® rated to 392°F (200°C)
  • Semi S2-93 compatible with a high-limit thermocouple and controller
  • Agency certification and UL® recognized for U.S. safety standards. Contact the factory for specific applications and approvals


Gas deliver lines:
  • Boron trichloride, BCI3
  • Chlorine trifluoride, CIF3
  • Dichlorosilane, (DCS), SiH2CI2
  • Tetra ethyl orthosilicate, TEOS
  • Tungsten hexafluoride, WF3
  • Process gas line qualification