Stock Composite Curing Heater

Zesta Watlow Stock Composite Curing Heater
Zesta Watlow Stock Composite Curing Heater
Flexible Heaters Available for Composite Bonding And Curing.

The large composite bonding industry expands into a variety of areas. A primary industry that utilizes flexible heaters for curing is aerospace. Watlow® offers a wide variety of heaters commonly used for composite bonding and curing. Heater design includes equal length circuits and a no-heat tab for temperature uniformity. The contact surface is constructed with a smooth silicone to prevent composite surface imperfections. The heaters are fiberglass reinforced to provide lasting field service durability and long life.

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Product Features

Customized leads
  • Allows up to 30 feet of lead length
Field service ease
  • Allows for on-site repairs
Equal length circuits - min. 2 x 2 in. (51 x 51 mm) tab with radius
  • Creates temperature uniformity
Smooth contact surface
  • Prevents composite surface imperfections

Product Specifications

Watt density:
up to 5 W/in² (0.8 W/cm²)
120VAC/240VAC (option) single phase
Agency Approval:
UL® recognized


  • Aerospace industry - Repair, Fabrication
  • Composite bonding processes