Raymax 1330

Zesta Watlow Raymax 1330 Radiant Heater
Zesta Watlow Raymax 1330 Radiant Heater
The RAYMAX® 1330 is the only radiant heater that features specially insulated heater emitter strips for higher performance.
  •     Maximum face temperature: 700°C (1300°F)
  •     Maximum watt density: 30 W/in2 (4.7 W/cm2)

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Product Features

  • Field replaceable emitter strips - Eliminates the cost to buy a whole new radiant heater
  • Rugged metal construction - Protects the heater from contaminants
  • No reflectors - Eliminates cleaning and replacement
  • No fragile glass or ceramic elements - Prevents possible safety hazards
  • Backside insulation - Results in better heating efficiency
  • Responsive face temperature sensing options - Increases accuracy

Product Specifications

Performance Capabilities

  • Maximum face temperature: 1300°F (700°C)
  • Maximum watt density: 30 W/in2 (4.7 W/cm²)
  • Typical peak energy wavelength: 3-3.6 microns
  • Maximum voltage up to 480V



  • Thermoforming plastics and composites
  • Circuit board soldering
  • Heat shrinking of plastic