CAST-X 4000

CAST-X 4000
The new CAST-X 4000 circulation heater from CAS delivers high flow volume and electrical power in a compact unit. The CAST-X 4000 is available in single or double tube versions for maximum flexibility and efficiency. The media being heated never comes into direct contact with the heating elements reducing the risk of fluid contamination.

The compact size of the heater is made possible by our cast-in construction. By design, the heater elements are completely embedded in the aluminum. This heats the aluminum mass, creating a thermal flywheel which efficiently transfers heat to the heavy wall 316L stainless steel tubing which is also cast-in. The resulting product delivers maximum power and capacity in a small footprint.

Since the material being heated in the tubing never comes into direct contact with the heating elements, the CAST-X 4000 is ideal for indirect heating applications where contamination and fluid cleanliness are important.

The CAS design outlasts, and out performs a typical immersion heater. The Cast-X 4000 delivers superior performance and long life. With very low maintenance, downtime is minimal and overall cost of ownership is low.
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Product Features

Robust cast-in aluminum construction
  • Ensures an intrinsically safe thermal solution
  • Prevents fluid contamination
  • Heats sensitive materials safely with indirect heating
Low Maintenance
  • Elements never need to be replaced
Dual-tube construction
  • Fluid (water) flow up to 18 GPM for single tube flow
  • Can reduce pressure drop by running tubes in parallel
Fluid path independent of heater sheath
  • Allows sensitive materials to be heated safely
  • Prevents fluid contamination
316L stainless steel seamless tube for fluid path
  • Compatible with a wide range of process materials
  • High-pressure operation up to 2500 psi
Non-welded construction
  • Offers economical package price
  • Minimizes potential leakage
  • Self-draining

Product Specifications

  • 12.5 kW Total to 60 kW Total
  • Voltage Range: 208 - 480 V
  • Max Line Current: 50 A per circuit
  • 1.0” OD (25.4 mm)
  • .083” Wall (2.1 mm)
  • Overall Process Tube Length: 212” (5384 mm) each
  • 316L Stainless Steel (standard)
  • Inconel (optional upgrade)
  • Passivated or Electro-Polished (optional upgrades)
Max Pressure:
2450 psi (169 bar)
  • NEMA 4 (moisture-resistant)
  • NEMA 7 / ATEX (explosion-proof)
Max Working Temperatures:
  • NEMA 4 (moisture-resistant): 572°F (300°C)
  • NEMA 7 / ATEX (explosion-proof): 662°F (350°C)
  • Published temperatures are for housing at 12 o’clock position; higher temps may be possible at 6 o’clock position. See factory for details.
  • K or J Type Thermocouples Standard
  • RTD (resistance temperature detector)
Standard Options:
  • 3-phase electrical operation with 208, 240, 380, 415 and 480 Volt configurations
  • Output power 20kW to 60kW
  • NEMA 4 terminal enclosure/housing
  • ATEX approved explosion proof terminal enclosure/housing
Non Standard Options:
  • Insulating Jackets
  • Compression Fittings

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  • Distillation of fuel oils
  • Oil and water separation
  • Fuel oil preheating for burners and boilers
  • Water and oil heating for foods and beverages
  • Steam generation and superheating
  • Glycol and oil heating for heat transfer systems
  • Deionized water heating for sterilization
  • Air, CO2 and nitrogen heating
  • Fuel and Oil heating for test stands