Thick Film Conduction Heaters

Thick film conduction heaters provide a low-profile heater in a variety of shapes. These shapes include two- dimensional circular, rectangular and square forms. Used in applications where fast response and uniformity are essential. This new technology can be applied in areas where space is at a premium or where conventional heaters cannot be used because of limited voltage and wattage combinations.

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Thick Film Nozzle Heaters

High-performance, low profile hot runner nozzle heaters provide a superior heating solution. The direct surface contact of the thick film material to the cylindrical stainless steel sleeve creates optimal heat transfer while the non-porous glass film prevents moisture absorption resulting in dielectric failure in other heaters.

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Thick Film Ultra Pure, Quartz Heater Modules

These high-watt density heater modules provide a superior heating method for deionized (Dl) water and aggressive chemicals.



Thick Film Manifold Heater

Thick film manifold heaters allow hot runner operations to gain more control over temperature uniformity while reducing overall cycle times.

  • Operating temperatures to 842F (450C) for manifold heaters
  • Radiant watt densities to 35 W/in2 (5.43 W/cm2)