Hotrunner Systems, Main Frames, Modules, & Wiring Accessories

Zesta offers the International Temperature Control, Inc., (ITC) line of Hot Runner Mold Temperature Control Systems. From the standard 15 amp main frame, units ranging from 1-zone to 36-zones are available. These units feature rugged construction, easy use and maintenance, a well as adaptability to changing requirements. In addition to the main frame, a variety of necessary accessories are offered, e.g. portable floor stands, transformer packages, mold cables and connectors, main frame panels and harnesses, etc.


Visions 3000 Control System

The VISIONS 3000 CONTROL SYSTEM is an advanced and affordable Hot Runner Temperature Controller designed for ease of use, reliability and precise temperature control. All VISIONS CONTROL SYSTEMS have the necessary flexibility to efficiently and economically operate in smaller single unit environments as well as centralized manufacturing facilities with sophisticated high cavitation processes. In today’s demanding environment, molders require the capabilities of our ATC (Adaptive Thermal Control) self-tuning algorithm and powerful diagnostic (Power Temperature Comparator) features, which provides an invaluable insight into the operation of the mold.



S20-D3C Temperature Control Module

The S20-D3C Temperature Control Module has been intelligently designed, making it easy to set up and simple to use, while maximizing productivity, and providing an exceptional range of features, in order to meet the rigorous requirements of today’s plastics industry. The Microprocessor based circuitry of the S20-D3C performs a full array of diagnostic and operational functions. Set-point temperatures are automatically maintained by means of our fully Adaptive-auto-tuning PID/FUZZY LOGIC function. The S20-D3C Module has been designed with the operator in mind; therefore it is easy to use. What could be simpler than, just turning it on, setting the operating temperature using the pinwheel set-point, then letting it run?



UATC-20 Temperature Control Module

The UATC-20 Temperature Control Module has been designed with the latest in microprocessor technology for Hot Runner Applications where state-of-the-art operational and diagnostic features are a requisite. There are many little features, such as gold-plated edge connector, incorporated within the UATC-20 which greatly enhances its operation. The UATC-20 is a rugged, simple to set-up and easy to use module which is versatile enough to move from project to project, with all the sophistication necessary for today’s demanding molding requirements.