Benchtop Controller

  • Small & Portable
  • User Friendly
  • Advanced Features

Zesta’s Benchtop Controller is a precision microprocessor-based, single or dual zone temperature control panel. It is designed for today’s demanding applications that require a compact foot print, robust design and advanced features.

Simple to program, yet loaded with powerful features the portable Benchtop Controller is small enough to take anywhere, making it ideal for most point-of-use applications.

The enhanced profiling version of the Benchtop Controller offers up to 40 automated steps, allowing flexible user programmability. Optional communications allows users to remote-configure, monitor, and/or datalog via personal computer (PC).

Custom-made Benchtop Controllers are also available. Please consult a Zesta sales representative for details.


  • Compact size
  • Stackable unit
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Heat and Cool auto-tune
  • Illuminated power on switch
  • Visual alarm Fuses, mounted in rear panel for easy access
  • Auto or Manual operation LED mode indicator
  • Displayed in degrees °F or °C
  • Load Status LED indicator (optional)
  • Front panel lockout
  • Ramp to set point
  • Dual LED display
  • User programmable menu
  • Profiling (up to 40 steps)


The Benchtop Controller features a small footprint, and is stackable.


Rear Panel View