Threaded Type, Straight


Threaded Type, Tapered

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Van Stone Type


Welded Flange Well

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Socket Weld Type


Weld-In Type

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Bimetallic Thermometer Wells –

Threaded Type


Bimetallic Thermometer Well –

Flanged Type

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Protection Tubes

Coated Protection Tubes for Molten Aluminum, Zinc, and Galvanizing Applications – Series 1100 Protection Tube



With a tough refractory laminated coating, SERIES 1100 protecting tubes resist erosion from molten aluminum, zinc or galvanizing baths. They stay strong, even at higher temperatures, and require no washing or maintenance to prolong their service life. A special protective cap at the tip provides fast response time, while permitting thermal expansion without damage to the refractory laminate. The 0.493 inch I.D. easily accommodates up to an eight-gauge beaded thermocouple. Stocked for immediate shipment. The maximum operating temperature for the SERIES 1100 is 745°C (1400°F).

Series 1102 Floating Protected Thermocouples



A thermocouple that floats! It contains a 0.125 inch O.D. XACTPAK ASTM E 230 Type K stainless steel sheathed thermocouple for quick, accurate temperature indication approximately three inches below the surface of the melt or bath—where control is needed most. This trouble-free unit gives you continuous temperature indication at dip-out depth— regardless of metal level. Chances of breakage are minimized, thanks to a patented buoyant fiber collar that absorbs shock if struck by ladles or skimmers. The SERIES 1102 floats easily aside to permit unobstructed skimming. High temperature, 36 inch insulated thermocouple wire is standard (optional stainless steel overbraid, part no. 1112). A metal sleeve with strain relief spring at the top protects against molten metal splash and wire abrasion. The thick, rugged refractory laminated thermocouple protecting cone provides rapid heat transfer and full physical protection.