accessories_connectors250w Thermocouple Connectors (brochure)
Standard Thermocouple Connectors (datasheet)
Quick-attach Thermocouple Connectors (datasheet)
Hi-temp thermocouple Connectors (datasheet)
Mini Thermocouple Connectors (datasheet)
RTD Connectors (datasheet)
Panel-mount Hardward (datasheet)

Features and Benefits

  • ASTM color coded – Assures easy identification
  • Compensated alloys – Provides accuracy in readings
  • Glass-filled thermoplastic – Provides high impact strength
  • Captive cap screws are held tightly in place
  • Connection hardware – Redesigned to eliminate a number of components
  • Meets requirements for ASTM E1129 – Ensures adequate pin spacing, dimensions and contact resistance
  • Rated to 425°F (215°C)